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Fermín J. Serna - Tools...
In this section you will find several tools I have developed in the past...

Linux sniffer Sniffest.tar.gz
LKM for linux 2.0.*, hides PROMISC flag iotcl-promisc.tar.gz
Irix sniffer irix-snf.c
Net-IDS able to detect polymorphic shellcodes NIDSfindshellcode.tgz
PS2 (mips) shellcode ps2-shellcode.s
Linux LKM for non exec stack area linux-no-exec-stack-lkm-0.1.tar.gz
Sniffer for Win2k or higher
VTXor, LLVM patch for encoding vftable_ptr vtxor
Flash JIT InfoLeak SWF file generator Flash_Jit_InfoLeak_Gadgets
IDA script for finding UserClient sMethods